Ankle sprain from basketball

Posted on Jun 26, 2016

Todays shoes are ending up being all the more unreasonable and as I would see it, more expensive. Shoes can’t avoid an ankle sprain. People’s thoughts are, that if they get a high top, they are less likely to attain a sprained ankle.

Ankle Sprain Steph Curry

I have a different view on shoes than say, my son Dillian, or even when I was his age. My experience has been that immoderate athletic shoes today, seem to be investigative and current, yet they don’t work or bend how the body is meant to. Frankly, they constrain the body into negative stretches which can initiate an extensive variety of issues.

The typical individual scans for comfort, look, and feel when looking for a shoes. Hardly ever thinking of how injury prone they are or will be, which should be an issue of first significance. The issue is that essentially hunting down comfort can bring about the wrong shoe… Why? In light of current circumstances, that generally deciphers into a thick, cushioned heel and sole. Examine the thickness of the heel and soles of your shoes. In case they are thick, that could incite impairment. Gracious good lord why…

Your feet have heaps of their own padding, especially the wads of your feet. Your heel has less padding, which infers that when you walk and run, you should endeavor to land more on the groups of your feet first.You should NOT beat on your heels!

An ankle sprain can lead to SO MANY problems! The ankle is the most important junction in your body for moving! With it being injured, it can lead to back, feet, leg, and even shoulder problems!

Ankle sprains are the most common forms of injuries and are a good thing to look out for when picking shoes. If you happen to have a sprained ankle, or have had one in the past, the remainder of this article is for you.

From my son just getting off a sprain, I know what it used to be like, having to hobble around everywhere. Wear braces, walk around on crutches. That used to be the case, until I found out about the HEM Ankle Rehab System!

From using that, 3 times a day, for 6 days. His ankle is now back to 100% and more flexible than ever. It truly is amazing! He was very sure that it would in fact NOT work, but after his first session, he said he could already start feeling a difference, which was a very different response than the one we were getting, going to the orthopedic.

All in all, one week later, we are very happy about the results and would recommend it to any body and everybody.

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School Sponsors

Posted on Jun 25, 2016

We are excited for summer to finally roll around and wanted to give a shoutout for such a great senior year for our 18 year old Dillian!

He has been going to Temple Baptist Academy since the beginning of his Freshman year and we really can not believe he is now heading to college! He has gotten a strong christian foundation and the ability to move on and get a real world job. We are grateful for a high-school that has christian ethics and is a true private school.

Changing from a public school to a private christian school was not an easy choice for Myself or Dillian. We knew the route that public education took you down would not lead to much, so we looked for alternatives.

Thankfully after stumbling around, we were able to find TBA.

The time spent there was one to never forget! It helped him along with us, to be a better parent and for him to be a better son. Being able to have such a vast array of teachers gave him the ability to learn different styles and adapt to different situations. From the time he was 14, we started seeing changes in the way he not only acted, but spoke, represented himself, and posture.

If we had the chance, we would do it all over again.

Cookies and CakesThank you also, to the local support of Magpies Bakery who helped him in funding for his senior trip and to Pitstop for overtime and helping get his hands into his future career of mechanics. We are very grateful for that and hope to repay the favor.


Dillian is now going to Universal Technical Institute for Automotive Technician Training. He hopes to be done in 2 years and get a job.

Without the help of everybody we don’t know where we would be!

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Once in a while a new restaurant comes around.

Oak Ridge

The famous Knoxville Calhoun’s opened in June of 1988 and is located at 400 Neyland Drive on Knoxville’s historic waterfront. Calhoun’s On The River is close to all major downtown hotels, the University of Tennessee Campus, Neyland Stadium and Thompson-Boling Arena.

They have now branched out to Oak Ridge and are set to open this coming weekend. Many are excited and have been waiting for well over 4 months!

This Calhoun’s will be accessible by boat and will have a deck of its own to anchor your vessel. There is also deck outside as well as an enclosed deck with a panoramic view of a beautiful river.

We are all looking forward to the open and hope you come out to support the local food-chain.


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